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Contacts for Matters of Study and Examination

Further contacts such as BA and MA examination boards or secretariats can be found on the websites of the individual departments.


Department of Architecture

Dean of Studies for Architecture
Prof. Dr. Markus Neppl

Dean of Studies for Art History

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schulze
Phone: 608-43773


Department of Civil Engineering, Geo- and Environmental Sciences

Dean of Studies for Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr. Peter Vortisch
Phone: 608-42255

Dean of Studies for Geodesy/Geoinformatics

Prof. Dr. Martin Breunig
Phone: 608-42302

Dean of Studies for Geosciences

PH Dr. Stefan Norra
Phone: 608-47850



Department of Chemistry and Biosciences

Dean of Studies for Biology

Prof. Dr. Johannes Gescher
Phone: 608-41940

Dean of Studies for Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Joachim PodlechTel.
Phone: 608-43209


Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heike Schuchmann
Phone: 608-2321/42497


Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Sören Hohmann
Phone: 608-43180


Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Representative for Students with Disabilities

Dr. Michaela Knoll
Phone: 608-43541


Department of Informatics

Informatics Study Program Service (ISS)
Phone: 608-44204


Courses of Study in Informatics: beratung-informatik∂informatik kit edu

Courses of Study in Information Management: beratung-inwi∂informatik kit edu


Representative for Students with Disabilities
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stiefelhagen
Phone: 608-46385

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Student Center of Mechanical Engineering (SCM) and Internship Office

Appointment request: scm∂mach.kit.edu
Phone: 608-45421


Department of Mathematics

Dean of Studies
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hug
Phone: 608-43708

Representative for Students with Disabilities
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Maag
Room No. 018, Phone: 608-42679


Department of Physics


Dean of Studies
Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinhauser
Phone: 608-47149

Dean of Studies (Geo)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohlen
Phone: 608-44416

Dean of Studies (Met)
Prof. Dr. Peter Knippertz
Phone: 608-43565


Department of Economics and Management

Dean of Studies
Prof. Dr. Martin Ruckes
Phone: 608-46328
Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Hagen Lindstädt
Phone: 608-43389