Company Contacts and KIT Support during the Application Process

Preparation for job research

Job search is a big task for everyone. Students with disabilities, however, are confronted with much additional work.

Various online portals and websites provide tips for beginners on how to apply, and link to job advertisements and internships.  (pp. 198 – 202) 

Self-test for outing at the workplace:


 KIT Services

The KIT-Career Service advisestrains and accompanies students individually on the subjects of applications and careers. Even photo shoots are possible.

These services for everyone are a great complement to counseling sessions between students with disabilities and the Representative for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases and help students clarify their personal career entry strategy in line with their needs.

Company Contacts

The following companies and institutions specifically promote the application of disabled and chronically diseased KIT students for internships and/or career entry by providing, among others, information on their websites.



For further information, please contact the Representative for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases.