Range of Services

The studying with disabilities range of services is aimed at prospective students, students during their study career and KIT staff concernd. Also topics such as studying abroad or internships through to the phase of professional orientation are touched.


Advice and good preliminary information about requirements, procedures and contact persons can have a preventive and stabilizing effect. The range of services is also effective in acute situations that require support. For example, if a disease is newly diagnosed or when health changes happen and influence sucessful studies, if barriers are detected or the pressure during studies becomes too great.


Central motivations are to go into reflection and change something in one's own situation or attitude in order to improve as much as possible, and to actively obtain information and help.


The above involves personal topics of one's own, i.e. how to deal with one’s impairment during studies, self-management, study organization, one's own learning and working with disabilities, dealing with one’s environment.


Classical topics are the compensation of disadvantages during studies, i.e. the questions

  • What barriers do I experience in my studies, especially in exams?
  • What do I need to participate and what adjustments to the framework conditions help me?
  • How do I apply for compensation for disadvantages in exams?
  • How can I control my studies and make them more flexible?
  • Which instruments are available to me for individual study design?